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EZ Clean™ Cat Litter Trapping Mat

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Are You Sick & Tired Of Cleaning Up Cat Litter?

"Oh no!! He’s done it again!”


Surely this is something that all cat owners have said on at least one occasion when they come home to find the cat litter all over the floor?


But bless them, it’s not kitty’s fault. Cats are INCREDIBLY clean animals (that’s one of the reasons we love them so much!). But when they come out of the litter tray, it’s almost inevitable that some of the litter is going to come along with them…

If this problem is getting you down, you need the EZ Clean™ Cat Litter Trapping Mat. This is the solution to homes with too much cat litter getting everywhere. It is so simple but so effective


Snowing Deals - Cat Litter Mat - Cant Believe 


It is essentially a double-layered litter mat that captures the litter that falls out when kitty has finished. The litter falls into the holes in the upper layer, preventing it from spreading all over the house. Instead of having a fit every time you find litter on the floor, you can simply lift it up and put the litter back in the tray where it belongs.


Design & User Benefits:

Cat-FriendlyThe heavy-duty EVA rubber foam is safe, non-toxic, and completely cat-friendly. And because it’s extra durable and soft on their little padded paws, the smooth, comfortable surface will make it easier for your furry friend to get in and out of their litter boxes

No More Stepping On Scattered Litter: Our rectangular cat litter mats prevent litter from tracking or scattering across floors, minimizing the spread of bacteria and maximizing cleanliness!

Double-Layer: Nobody likes litter on the floor! Our Kitty Litter  Mat captures all the tiny granules before they have a chance to bounce across the floor or get stuck to your socks or bare feet. No more litter-foot!

Money-Saver: EZ Clean™ Cat Litter Trapping Mat features a “honeycomb” top layer that lets litter slide in through the holes while trapping the pieces on the solid rubber bottom. To empty it, simply spread either end of the two layers apart and let the debris fall into the trash or back into the litter box with little to no mess

Waterproof: The bottom layer of our mat is waterproof and will not allow any liquid to go through. Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains. (only for the waterproof mat)  


Here's why you'll love this:

  • This mat is made from two layers that work together to trap litter stuck to your cat’s paws or thrown out of the box
  • Extra-large honeycomb-shaped openings on the top layer are round and soft on your cat’s paws and allow litter to easily fall below onto the second layer
  • The two layers are attached on just one side so you can effortlessly dump caught litter back into the box or in the trash
  • The entire pad is water repellent and the bottom layer is plastic which deters urine odors and is easy to clean
  • If your cat is known for making messes, you can put a puppy pad in between the mat’s layers for effortless cleanup

Snowing Deals - Cat Litter Mat - Soft Paws 



For pets only. This mat is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children. Do not allow pets to chew on the mat. Remove from pet if any part becomes loose or detached. Do not use or store near heat or flame. Remove all packaging before use and dispose of properly 

When you receive the mat, it may have a new rubber smell; let it air out for a few days to eliminate the new mat smell. The waterproof, trackless litter mats are made of soft EVA foam rubber that’s easy to wash with soap and water. When you finish cleaning, let air dry and avoid direct sunlight to protect the material.




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